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After years of listening to sappy Arabic romantic music and classical music of the west, I had a dream of finding the one. The perfect man that would be madly in love with me, that would make me fly with every kiss. The man that would make me happy with only his smile and the man that makes me feel secure and safe. I craved for this perfect soul that would be mixed with mine.

The songs told of a lover that owned my heart each day that showered me with sweet words and soft touches. It told that this soulmate this life partner would make me the most valuable person and possession of his heart. He would be my everything, my life, my light and through him I can see the world a better place.

Puberty years went by quickly as did highschool and the teenage romances that I never engaged. I had one lover and that was the words in the delicate poems of kathem el saher’s songs. I remember falling asleep every night with my headphones stuck to my ears as I imagined the sweet soul portrayed in these songs.

As soon as I entered university, my heart drifted away from the songs I worshiped to one particular man.

I remember asking myself after one day of talking to him…. Can this be true love?

He was more than what I had envisioned every night listening to those songs. He was as sweet as honey and most handsome that my eyes have ever seen. He had the most cutest smile and the most adorable eyes. Best of all was his pure white heart that glistened in a sea of angles.

How did the waves of love threw me to his warm arms? Why did God wait this long to give me this gift that makes me this much happy everyday? I don’t know this much lucky I am… For the happiness that I found that threw out all my sadness, for the desire that I found that now is the power to pump the blood in my veins…. For the utmost precious man in this world.

Until I entangled myself in his hands and became owned by his love…. This is the feeling I was searching for that feels like volcanoes rupturing everytime I hear his deep voice. There is not one way I can save myself from this burning love that has gotten me addicted to him.

The songs are now alive in flesh and blood. This sweet, loving character in my mind is now in my arms. With every sweet look, my fear now increases that I might be living a dream.



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