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The other day I was watching the news and they were asking viewers about the most important Canadian event in history, so here is what I think:

In my perspective, I think the new Constitution Act in 1982 is a very important event in Canada. The constitution is a series of laws and conventions that Canada runs by. This act has placed law and order in Canada’s government and therefore allowing us to proceed with great decisions and success. Consequently, the constitution is a part of creating peace in Canada, which is the top description of Canada-a peaceful country. Further more, 1982 is the year that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was added to the constitution. Therefore this made such a large diverse country run with equality. In addition, this is the constitution that we (Canadians) changed without the permission or approval of the British Government. In other words, we are our own government and this is our rules-a further step to independence. In conclusion, the constitution act placed law and order in Canada by creating rules and regulations to benefit the government and its people.


Explanation of Collage:

Life starts as a baby and ends as a senior, however in between these divergent ages the life of high school student is the hardest time of anyone’s life. As a matter of fact, it is also the most interesting adventure in one’s lifetime. Therefore, I got the idea of making a timeline. In addition, high school is a time to make decisions that can affect one’s future, so I made a timeline to show that one does not know where he/she is going if he/she does not know where he has been. So I started off with my baby years, my past, and now I am in high school-a major event in my life and also my present-and finally my seniority, which is indeed my future. The pictures around my high school years symbolize the knowledge I have gained throughout these three years in high school. The picture of the sacred girl is how I personally felt when I walked into high school for the first time. The picture of the globe with the many objects on top of it symbolize the real world (the globe) and the stress of juggling many expectations in the same time. The girl sitting on top of the numbers symbolizes my love of math which I discovered in highschool and in which lead me to pick my future career-engineering. The picture of the family symbolizes the fact that family and friends are always by my side every step of high school and life. The saying “Work Hard Play Harder” is what I learned to do to manage my time and have fun in the same time. The picture of Holy Trinity is the high school that I am currently in and in which I have met some of my best friends. The sweet 16  sign symbolizes the responsibility that comes with that age along with freedom and fun. The boy studying represents my advice to study for exams. The car represents the beauty of freedom and the reward of driving your self where ever you want. The path selection picture represents the trouble of picking your actions in high school and represents the path one wants to walk on for the rest of his/her life. Finally, the graduation picture represents the end of high school, success, achievement and accomplishment!


Dear Me in Grade 9,

               Wow, you’ve come this far, I am so proud of you! I am writing this letter in regards to all the neat stuff you will experience in high school. Everyone who is just starting high school at your age is scared, shy and wants to make a good first impression. Well, it is difficult at first but soon you will enjoy school and you will fit in very quickly. The key to reaching this goal is to be you. Be what you want to be and do not let anyone talk you out of your confidence.

At this point in the game, you are starting to get a sense of the real world and let me tell you: the real world has it’s ups and it’s downs. There are two groups of people in life: the group of people who are walking into success all the time and unfortunately, there is the group of people who are going to get to a dead-end soon. What you want to do in high school is be the top of the good list of people and always stay away from those bad groups. Just remember, it is very easy to drift into trouble without even noticing.

Another important piece of advice is: “the people who work hard, play hard”. What this saying basically means that if you study, do your homework and pay attention to the teacher’s expectations, you will have plenty of time later to play and waste time. Therefore, always aim to have the highest mark.

Oh, I almost forgot: EXAMS… always study a month prior to your exam and DON’T STRESS OUT. In addition, never let your sister drive you to exams or else you will never get there on time!

Finally, always remember that your family, friends and God are always by you every step of the way!


You in Grade 11

P.S. Never ever take biology, stick to math… (Don’t even think about it!)

Today, I watched a movie called Deep blue, here’s what I think about it:

The movie Deep Blue is about life in and around the ocean. The ocean covers 75% of water found on earth, therefore allowing much space for ecosystems to embed. Millions of aquatic creatures live in and around the salty waters in three major ecosystems: shallow water, deep water and ocean surface.

            In the sandy, muddy shallow ocean floor many small living creatures lurk about in the colorful, textured coral reefs. The coral reef is an ecosystem that not only acts like a hide and seek barrier for animals, but also as the home of numerous tiny organisms like algae. The coral reef-that grows on rocky, shallow areas in tropical places-are made up of thousands of invertebrates such as sponges, mollusks, sea fans, worms, crabs and echinoderms.

            In the deep water of the oceans, the immense pressure allows few animals to survive. In places where the temperature of the water is a few degrees away from freezing-called cold seeps-clams, mussels, shrimp, bacteria and tube worms are able to live in the harsh conditions. On the contrary, areas of extreme hot temperatures-near hydrothermal vents- live shrimp, mussels, barnacles and archaea. With little sunlight and little food how do these animals survive? Furthermore, how do the animals that are bioluminescent have some much different colored light to emit?

            In the icy winter months, when the ocean surface is covered with slabs of thick ice, animals travel miles in search of food. Polar bears and their cubs tag along to find an area with thin ice to make a whole in and try to ice fish. While the surprising ability of beluga whales to take turns breathing in a small whole in the icy surface. Furthermore, the shocking ability of the penguins to huddle together in a circle for three months to incubate their eggs is absolutely phenomenal.

            There are a lot of astounding facts this movie has reviled. For example, the millions of little tiny sand balls, the crabs can spin. Or the distance and height the penguins can jump out of the water. Defiantly, the astonishing ability of the sardines to swim in a school shaped like a tornado. The mutualism of the fish that ride on the back of the sting ray is a remarkable view to see. Moreover, the jelly fish that can travel with no eye sight is fascinating. Finally, the vibrant light the deep water creatures can create is better than watching fire works.

            However, with all the facts I learned from this movie, I still have a lot of questions to ask. Questions such as: do dolphins swim and jump in patterns? Do the penguins take turns standing on the edge of the circle when they are incubating their eggs? How does the fish hold on to the sting rays back without falling? Do they leave when the sting ray is in a fight with a predator? How do the beluga whales find food in the winter if they have to keep on taking turns to breathe?

            In conclusion, I have learned a lot on the creatures that live in and around the marine ecosystems. There are many wonders that I discovered by watching this informative, vibrant film. It truly is a creative way to illustrate life in the deep blue.

The following is a presentation explaining the aspects of a Mechanical Engineer, my future job!

There are many occupations that I was thinking to become, one of which is a doctor. My sister is a doctor, a doctor that talks to much…hehehe… she would always try to persuade me to become a doctor and she always talks about the many surgeries she did and of course I would put my hands on my ears and I would scream in effort to not hear the disgusting things she saw. When I think about her stories afterward, I get goosebumps because these people, these doctors save millions of lives every year worldwide. They relief pain, they solve many problems for people and they-in many cases-save people’s lives. Yes they get a nice big salary with their job, but money does not pay the price of a human life. My point is: doctors deserve more than a big salary and the “DR” in front of their names, they deserve a BIG thank-you and a little prayer to bless their tremendous amount of work.

Burr… winter has arrived and luckily, I didn’t experience the harshness of winter until today. All night yesterday, I could hear the strong cold winds slamming on my bedroom window and when I went to school today, there was about 15 cm of snow on my driveway. The cold breeze didn’t make me freeze for a moment in awe, no-the white blanket of snow stopped me. It was so beautiful, it was sort of like someone had dumped so much snow on earth. How wonderful! As I was thinking of this great blanket of white fluffy snow, I thought about how cool it is that people, like me, living near the equator are wearing shorts and t-shirts and are going to the beach to sun tan. Now I know in elementary school they taught us the idea of whether, the earth’s rotation and so forth, but up till today I never really thought of it actually affecting other people around the globe. Imagine right now as I am typing, someone out there (the world) is having a baby or just died or just ate or slept…Wow who would ever thought that snow can give you so much insight on the world!


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