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Love or Money

Posted on: January 17, 2011

Money, in my perspective, is not as important as happiness. Happiness is what binds people together and lets you have an enjoyable life. On the contrary, money can break families apart; make you greedy and too preoccupied to try to achieve the most amounts of cash. It is happiness that allows one to feel success and achievement. Therefore, I would approve of a job that pays a little but makes me happy. For example, everyone wants to be a CEO of a company or a famous surgeon or artist, but even though these jobs make a lot of money, I personally will not be happy. I will be too preoccupied with my work, I will forget my personal happiness and I will therefore live a miserable life. And all for what? For money? Well money will not let me ruin my life in which I only live once!

Family, personal, social pressures and financial realities can make the career choice difficult. Parents and relatives all want you to become a lawyer or doctor, for example, but you like a different career such as engineering. What will you do then? Do you give in to their demands or follow your own choice of career? Moreover, your personal values and interests can also weigh in on the career choice decision. Are you going to go to dance school because you like to dance? Or are you going to medical school because you want a hefty, stable income? Furthermore, a big barrier to making one’s career choice is if he/she has money to sustain the costs of tuition fees, residence, basic needs and so forth. Therefore, there are many factors that make the career choice difficult and can even keep you away from pursuing your dream career.

Rough economic times can certainly affect your career choice or simply not have any affect at all. In a recession, for example, people can’t afford to have their cars fixed or even buy a car. Therefore, the career of a car dealer or a mechanic will get affected as less and less people will contribute to their income. The jobs that get affected by a downfall in the economy are the careers that provide a good or service that is considered a “want” for the consumer (a luxury). However, jobs that will not be affected by an economic turn are the jobs that provide a good or service that is considered a “need” that is food, clothing, and shelter. Therefore, no matter what happens in the economy, the food providers will never do bankrupted.


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