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There are many occupations that I was thinking to become, one of which is a doctor. My sister is a doctor, a doctor that talks to much…hehehe… she would always try to persuade me to become a doctor and she always talks about the many surgeries she did and of course I would put my hands on my ears and I would scream in effort to not hear the disgusting things she saw. When I think about her stories afterward, I get goosebumps because these people, these doctors save millions of lives every year worldwide. They relief pain, they solve many problems for people and they-in many cases-save people’s lives. Yes they get a nice big salary with their job, but money does not pay the price of a human life. My point is: doctors deserve more than a big salary and the “DR” in front of their names, they deserve a BIG thank-you and a little prayer to bless their tremendous amount of work.


Burr… winter has arrived and luckily, I didn’t experience the harshness of winter until today. All night yesterday, I could hear the strong cold winds slamming on my bedroom window and when I went to school today, there was about 15 cm of snow on my driveway. The cold breeze didn’t make me freeze for a moment in awe, no-the white blanket of snow stopped me. It was so beautiful, it was sort of like someone had dumped so much snow on earth. How wonderful! As I was thinking of this great blanket of white fluffy snow, I thought about how cool it is that people, like me, living near the equator are wearing shorts and t-shirts and are going to the beach to sun tan. Now I know in elementary school they taught us the idea of whether, the earth’s rotation and so forth, but up till today I never really thought of it actually affecting other people around the globe. Imagine right now as I am typing, someone out there (the world) is having a baby or just died or just ate or slept…Wow who would ever thought that snow can give you so much insight on the world!

Have you read this article:

If you have, this is my opinion, even if it may be harsh:

You should be ashamed. Yes ashamed that our world is getting to such a stupid end. Are you proud of this? Are you proud that we are teaching our children the potential of violence at such a young age. Well if you are, you’re sure as heck stupid. This article makes me angry and upset at the same time. Teachers are supposed to teach us knowledge about this massive world, they are supposed to teach us quality behaviour, they are the ones who should shape the next generation so that the world will be a better place. Yet when I listen to the radio or flip to CP24, I find news about teachers doing all sorts of crazy things. Now thank God I have had the best teachers in the world, but really… pens and pencils are used to build weapons….I’m sorry- did you forget about the many other things students are now days doing like stabbing, alcohol, sex, and much, much more (trust me I am IN highschool). Mind you that we are paying taxes for every freaken thing on earth like our salary, our home and even our food, yet the government doesn’t come up with something to reduce the number of stupid things done at school, NO they pay that stupid teacher…Go figure????  🙂

Watch what my group and I did with a couple of toys:

The following is the storyboard that we followed to do the movie:


Are you a type of person who likes the morning? Do you like the nice array of colour that comes out slowly with the sunrise? Do you love morning strolls? Do you want to pick up a paper and a pencil and write or read? If you said “yes” to any of those questions then you are considered a ‘morning person’.

Are you a type of person who likes the dark? Do you enjoy taking late night strolls? Do you have the desire to work at night? Do you like to stay up late? Again, if you said “yes” to any of those questions then you are considered a ‘night person’.

In my opinion, I believe the morning is the best time of the whole day. As a matter of fact, all of the daytime is just wonderful because I can see. I can see the beautiful lake behind my house, the gorgeous sky filled with all varieties of birds, I can see the people I love, I can see my instrument and so forth. However, with all the advantageous of the daytime, I still like the nighttime because I could rest for the excitement that comes with the next new day!


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