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Mothers are often forgotten because they do not get appreciated often. Think of your mother think about the pain she went through when she gave birth to you, think about the many things she gave up to raise you, think about the many times she stood by you, think of the numerous occasions she cleaned after you. Wow, mothers are certainly the closest friend anyone could have, they truly are the nicest, sweetest and compassionate people ever known to you. Lets face it, the “flow” tells us that it is “uncool” to praise our mothers but have you ever thought that the popular belief is not always the right opinion. To be honest, I can not think of any way to repay my mom for all the favours she has done for me. May God bless all the mothers on this earth!


Math is not only a subject we must study in school, math is also used in practically every aspect in life. For example, in just walking we can draw a curve of speed and distance, when we see a plane flying we can calculate the angle of elevation, when we build a bridge, we can calculate the parabola that makes the foundation of a bridge. Yes, math is in every part of my life, it is in fact my favourite subject to study to teach and to learn. When I was younger and we studied math, I remember asking my teacher why we needed to study math and she told me, that day, to recognize mathematical aspects of my day. So I did, I noticed the car moving at a certain speed that corresponded with the revolution of the engine, I noticed fire men pumping water at a high calculated pressure, I noticed my mom baking a cake and I saw the numbers on the side of her food processor and her measuring cup and so forth. So today, if you happen to be living (lol), check out how math plays a key role in life.

I watched the new movie (the Deathly Hollows part 1) last week on Friday, the day it came out. I haven’t read any of the books; to be honest I am not a big fan, but i watch the movies to just know what will happen. I find the Harry Potter series a little too fictional for me. I usually get confused when I watch the movies. For example, when I went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows I had these questions and to be honest, I still have these questions: 

  • Is Snape good or bad?
  • Is Harry going to win?
  • What happened to the good wizards?
  • What happened to the Hogwarts profs?

Yeah, so I hope to find out what happens, hopefully by the last movie; Harry potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2.

This week we are working with Flash to create many animations and movies. I must say that this is the best software ever created. My work with Flash has expanded my creative horizon. I always wondered how people can make nice short movies or animations and now I know how to do many things on Flash. The best part about Flash is you can make things move-yes that sounds a little primitive for my age, but it is the truth. Unlike, Photoshop, Flash can make things move on a path, it can make things disappear, it can make a motion repeat itself. In addition, to moving objects, you can now put something worthy on YOUTUBE- WOW I HAVE SOMETHING ON YOUTUBE!!! (again primitive-but who cares). On the right is an example of how Flash looks like. As you can see the left toolbar is the tools you can use to draw anything you want, and on the right and the bottom is the settings you can play around with to make your object change and finally, the top is the timeline. Try it out!

If you want to check out an example of what I did on Flash look below for “Flash Tutorials #1,2,3,4 and 5.

Kathem El Saher

Many people write poetry, many people listen to poetry, many people admire the poets themselves. Life has many beautiful things and also in the opposite extreme, life has many ugly things. Yet, there is no perfect language to describe this ambiguous wonder. I believe that poetry is the closest language that can make life more clear to us. poetry, in essence, is a language that draws a picture of art using not paint but words. It is, to many, a way to relate to the forest, the sun, the ocean, emotions, relationships and dreams. I use poetry to describe my love and appreciation to my mother on her birthday, in 2005 I used poetry to describe bullying and the effects of bullying with the Argos on my side, in 2007 I sung a solo song with poetry as it’s lyric, and in 2010 I am writing about the importance of poetry.

Here is a poem I love:

I love you so much
and I know that the road to the impossible is long.
But I also know that you are the queen of women.
The queen of women, and no one can take your place.
I also know that the time of love has ended,
and the beautiful words have died.
So to no other woman I say:
I love you so much, I love you so much.

I love you so much and I know you live in isolation,
and I live in isolation.
And between you and I there is: wind and clouds
and lightning and thunder and ice and fire.
And I know that reaching your eyes is an illusion.
And I know that reaching you would be suicide.
And it would make me happy, make me happy,
make me happy.
To tear myself to pieces for your sake, my precious one.
And if I had to choose, if I had to choose,
I would choose your love for the second time.
How many times did your likeness appear
in the leaves of the trees?
How many times did I shower you with patience
like drops of rain?
I love you, I love you, I love you.
I love you so much
and I know that the road to the impossible is long.

I love you so much
and I know that I travel in the ocean of your eyes,
without a destination.
And I leave my mind behind me and run,
I run, I run back to my madness.
Oh woman,
oh you woman who holds my heart between her hands,
I asked you, by god, do not leave me!
No, no, no, no, don’t leave me!
For what would I be without you?

I love you so much, so much, so much.
And I refuse to give up the fire of your love
For why would I wait to find love just to refuse it?
And I don’t care if I escape from your love alive.
And I don’t care if I escape dead

                                                                                                                                                                                             ~Kathem el Saher

Today I read an article that gives advice on not following your dream. I totally disagree! If you do not put a goal in your life to reach your dream then you will be miserable. Like Eminem said, “you got one chance” to be who you want to be. My dream is to be a successful engineer, each and every day I work hard to get to that dream. When you are at an old age, I feel that it is important to feel that you have accomplished something very important, that you have accomplished the goal that you worked hard on all those years. Now many things can become a barrier to your dreams, things like your parents, money, arrogance and so forth. For example, one of my family friends wanted to be an artist, however money and his arrogance stopped him from pursuing his dreams. He wanted a rich life, he wanted to be in the high-class in society and so he became a doctor. He always told me that he hated his job and that each day he went to work, he wished he would stay in bed. This is not how I want to live my life, therefore when I chose the path of an engineer, my dream, I made sure it is actually what I will LOVE to do. in conclusion, follow your dreams and don’t let anything or anyone to stop you from doing so and remember there are a lot of jerks in the world!

If you want to read the article I read, click on the  following website:

Ah yes, the winter is coming! Now to some people they may find winter a pessimistic season, however, I find it to be fantastic. As I look through my home office’s window each new year, I see the ground covered with snow like a blanket. Each year I see the many lifetimes of snow mans-their creation, their survival against the cold winter winds and their horrible death: melting. It is certainly a glorious time, a time to spend with your family, a time to celebrate christmas and new years, a time to celebrate my birthday (Jan. 10) … yes certainly the best time of the year. The following is a beutiful video of winter in Canada:


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