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Yes it is that time of the year: dad’s are searching for the “out there” costume, mom’s are researching to find the best candy sales and children-well what are children doing? Children, at this time, are well waiting for THE DAY when they get a chance to fill up their pillow cases with tonnes of candy. Hey we all had that feeling when we were children where you just can’t wait to trick or treat. Yes I still remember the time”S” when I would annoy my mother millions of times to start trick or treating-“those were the days”! The best part about trick or treating is that when you are finished and you go home, you can “filter” your candy and give out the bad ones (hehehe-such a classic). However, now as we are grown up with so-called “responsibilities”, I give out the candy instead of collect it. Yet I still enjoy seeing all those costumes and all those children who come up with weird rhymes some times like “trick or treat, give me something sweet to eat then smell my feet” (who came up with that?????). Anyway, happy halloween everybody!!!!!!!


Facebook around the world!

Today I read an article about the top ranking countries who use Facebook. In my opinion, I think it is silly to have all these people waste time on a network like Facebook. Yeah it is a great way to communicate with people, yet it has many disadvantages. Besides the fact that it is addicting, Facebook takes students away from their school work, adults away from their jobs and the weird new thing: it is also addicting old people too. The other day I was at my dad’s work, he’s an engineer, and as I walked through the hallway, I saw many people on Facebook…good use of the company’s money! Or even when I am at class, people are on Facebook using their I-phone or blackberry or their lap top…let’s see how that will help on a test! Facebook users have taken the use of facebook to another level which in my opinion, is very silly. Facebook, I think, should be used to communicate with others on their own time and should not result into being the center of people’s lives. Yes, this ranking shows that Canada had the lowest ranking, but more importantly, it shows how much people waste their time.

Go to the link below for the ranking list:

Today I was surfing the internet and I found this long list of significant facts about Canada on In my opinion here is what I think of Canada:

          I admire two things about Canada: peace and justice. Peace is a factor that a country must have in order to have unity and love between its people and people of other nations. It is a factor that always, in the end, saves lives and creates a stable environment for children, parents and the elderly to live in. When there is peace in a nation, the citizens will always be treated with equality, fairness and kindness. Moreover, peace eliminates racism, inequality, social injustice and religious radicalism. Justice is another factor that a country must have in order for people to be treated fairly. Justice is what cause good people to stand up against evil like racism, bullying, harassment, inequality and so forth. This factor has moral rightness that is based on ethics, law, fairness, religion and rationality. Especially in such a multicultural country like Canada, justice creates harmony and balance between the differences of people weather its skin colour, religion, language or country of origin. Therefore I drew the balance to represent justice. In conclusion, two things I really like about Canada are its peace and justice.


 TELUS helps those in need

Maciej Aniol

May 27, 2010

TELUS employees will provide a different type of service this Saturday in Peel.
As part of the fifth annual TELUS Day of Service, numerous teams of employees will fan out across Peel, Ontario and Canada to help those who need it most — underprivileged children and families.
Through shelters and schools, they’ll be distributing basic, but vital supplies to those who cannot afford to buy such items.
The Comfort Kits and Kits for Kids contain daily-use items such as hygienic goods and towels, and backpacks filled with school supplies.
TELUS spokesperson Megan Fielding said the company works with local schools and shelters, and they decide what families are most in need.  
Children are given their kits anonymously by the school.
Last year, more than 9,100 TELUS workers, retired workers, family members and friends participated in the national event. 


            On the fifth annual TELUS Day of service, basic important supplies are distributed to disadvantaged children and families. Many TELUS employees coordinated with shelters and schools to provide Comfort Kits and Kits for Kids for many people in need. The Kits for Kids are given secretly by schools; they contain sanitary goods, towels and back backs filled with school supplies. This is a very important event for TELUS employees. As a matter of fact, around 9, 100 TELUS employees, former employees, family members and friends participated last year in the same corporate social responsibility TELUS holds so dear.

Interest in Article

            Now a days it is unusual to find a company spending time and money to do good. There are so many examples of companies who even went far enough to harm society, such as Toyota cutting back on expenses or BP not making emergency plans if oil pipes break. Therefore, it interested me to learn about a company that did something good for a change. TELUS is not the only company that practices CSR, companies like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons and Rogers also provides many voluntary charity practices. It always interests me to learn that there is still good in the world. Moreover, instead of reading the many articles about war and hatred, I can read something that makes me positive and happy.

Impact on Society

            TELUS has set an encouraging example to do good. This persuades everyone to make a difference and to want to do the ethical decision when one sees someone in need. Not only does TELUS encourage individuals in the community to do good, but it also encourages other companies to be socially responsible. Yes, Canada is providing welfare and different types of aid, but companies with available resources-such as TELUS-can help the country to focus on people who are very disadvantaged. In other words, Canada can provide people who do not have the necessary needs with aid to make their lives better and TELUS, in addition to other companies, can help people who are a bit less disadvantaged. More importantly, companies like TELUS, give Canada a great reputation to be helpful, kind and compassionate.








Balance – Informal
Balance – Formal
Point of Interest



Rule of Thirds








Direction of Movement




Lake Louis

Not only is photography a work of art, but photography, in my opinion, gives complexity to life and meaning to many moments of life as well. If there was no photography, our memory has to remember that 1st birthday (it can’t), it has to remember that great vacation in British Columbia, it has to remember when you graduated university. To be honest, I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday, so the invention of a camera and photographs themselves is an invention that saved a lot of our memory banks to not get fried up.

Last year, my family and I went on a vacation to British Columbia, Canada. Let me just point this out: IT IS THE BEST VACATION EVER! Anyway, I saw many terrifying, gorgeous scenes. My sister and I took somewhere between 3000 to 4000 pictures, we even had to use 3 memory sticks to save all those memories. Every now and then I like to look back on the pictures we took in BC and remember how great the vacation was. In addition, I have the advantage of sharing these photos with future generations, relatives and friends.

This is a video I found on YouTube that had similar pictures:


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